Sunday, October 29, 2006


I watched the last concert for this month in Eastwood City, it's a halloween special by magic 89.9

Here are some of the pictures I took...
there was also Join the Club, Jeans (I'm not sure with the spelling) I wasn't able to take pictures of those bands, I was saving my battery for Hale and of course, Bamboo!!! :)

HALE...message me if you'd like Champ's solo pic ;-)


and the most awaited band... *drum roll please*
Here's BAMBOO!!!!!

you can leave a message if you'd like a photo of Ira the guitarist ;-)
damn he's soo cute! :)
KC wasn't there when the concert started but was right on time to see Hale perform. Man! Hearing Champ sing live can make you melt! Especially when he sang the song "Waltz"; the last lyrics of the song was supposed to be "i hate you" but he changed it to "i love you"... Ooohhh!! *kilig* :) When it was Bamboo's turn the crowd went wild and very much alive! :) We were so lucky we were able to reserve some seats :)

Plus my mom was with us, though she's getting older, (you how old people respond to the new music today) she somehow appreciates the songs and the bands that I like, she even hums Bamboo's "Hallelujah" or just say that word all over again, sings Spongecola's (which she sometimes call spongebob) "Bitiw" right tune, wrong lyrics :) at least the effort of appreciating the song of today was there ;-) Thanks a lot mommy for that wonderful night! KC and I enjoyed every minute of it! :)

After the concert, KC and I strolled around eastwood at around pass 1am and talked about things, friends, anything that comes to our mind and of course, took some pictures :) Too bad we forgot to take pictures with the little girl we met at starbucks, she's so adorable :)

us, fooling around with the witch hehe

sharing stories

CB: Kace! under maintenance check-up yan ha?! :)

in the elevator. going up and home.

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Saturday, October 28, 2006


Wow! the Greenhills I used to know is a whole new place now... it simply means I haven't been there for a very long time. I sooo love the place, everything's a bargain! I bought a new bag which is very cheap compared to other stores and a short that I've always wanted *big smile*

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Friday, October 27, 2006


It's just another ordinary-no-classes-because-it's-sembreak-day, it's not that I've got nothing else to do, if fact I'm filled with so many things that I'm too lousy to start *hee hee* So I thought of utilizing my time in resting and malling... yes malling, it's some sort of therapy too you know! :) Unfortunately, we weren't able to go to the mall yesterday so we decided to visit the paseo here since there are lots of new establishments there. Got a text from an old classmate, and decided to hang out in our house. We watched the movie Nacho Libre, it wasn't that good but it was funny! It's been years since I last saw him, anyways it's nice seeing an old friend and catching up on how things are now.

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Saturday, October 21, 2006


It's Wednesday and it's a golf day for daddy and shopping day for us hee hee. But before our shopping marathon, we have to pass by the PAWS office to donate the walis tingtings. On our way to PAWS, we stopped by Kopiroti to have our late breakfast (mmm very good breakfast!).

As we reached PAWS, I was a bit surprised to see the place; it's kind of different of what I thought it was. The place is very solemn and really relaxing for the animals. By the way, anyone of you who would like to adopt a cat may go to their office. They also informed us that there will be a trick or treat costume party for the animals in Eastwood on Sunday.

And were off to the mall :) ... We went to Mega Mall for a change and looked for a nice costume for Sassy, and also a nice white dress for me (every girl must have at least ONE white dress in her closet and a nice pair of classic shoes *wink*)

We entered this certain store, I went crazy over the ribbons and beads, and it's all over the place! It would make lovely designs on a plain shirt too bad I don't have plain shirts at the moment, plus I still have lots of things to do, in short I presently don't have the time to design shirts. See, I like designing my own shirt, makes it more unique, though I just use them inside the house hee hee

I made that! :)

After strolling for quite sometime, we were surprised to see the time, my! It's already four in the afternoon, that's why we were starving! My mom and I each ate a burger with fries in Tropical Hut and shared pancit luglug with puto from Razon's. Very good chow! We're already full *big smile* back to shopping marathon.

We passed by the skating rink and saw my former coach, *sigh* I miss skating... I wondered if I continued my skating lessons, I might've mastered the backward crossovers and spinning by now.

When we felt that our feet are already complaining, we went back to the food court and rested. Since we already saw each and every store, we decided to switch venues and go to Tiendesitas. There we waited for the time to strike 9:30 pm to pick-up dad from golf and finally go home. Man! My feet ache... but it was worth it, we were able to buy Sassy's costume and even though I wasn't able to buy a white dress, mom got me a shirt instead ;-)

Before this day ends I want thank the Big Man up there for this wonderful day, and for the family who gave me everything, more than I need. Thank you. Good Night! *mwah*

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Saturday, October 14, 2006


Budz and I got an "external" heart transplant :) haha

Budz and I studying the structures of the heart
We always find ways to make toxic days be more fun by fooling around yet being serious when needed ;-) My budz is my all around partner (except of course about the relationship thingy, just to make things clear) ;-) hehehe Glad to have you Budz as my bestfriend =)

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Here's the picture of the tree in our school..If I'm not mistaken it has been there for years.. and the storm was able to uproot it... tsk..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Last wednesday September 27, we received text messages saying there's no classes the next day, my roomates and I were wondering, what can be the reason that they cancelled the classes. Upon waking up the next day, we already knew why. That was the first time I've seen a typhoon that broke windows, uprooted trees, shook cars, it was really scary. Scary because you're miles away from your parents, no electricity (talk about dead batt; it's a good thing I was able to charge my phone before sleeping), you've got nothing to do but wait. Sure I like it when classes are cancelled, but also thinking about those people who were affected by the storm somehow makes me feel guilty. While us rejoicing, there are families who are weeping and thinking about what will happen to them after the calamity. That's why I am so thankful that God kept me and my family safe that nothing bad happend to us during that day. I also pray for the families who are greatly affected by the typhoon that they may find peace and hope and have more faith in God. "there's a rainbow always after the rain" so if it's a storm, the rainbow must be brighter and more colorful ;-) Always have faith :)

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Sunday, October 01, 2006


It's nice to wake up and you just have to go down to have your lunch :)
It's just me and my mom during lunch time since my dad has a party to attend to. We ate at Jack's Loft, the foods are good especially the salad! mmm.. yummy! We get to share with that very biiiig iced tea ;-) I forgot the other dish we ate, it's like an appetizer.. I asked my mom to try to copy it :) hehehe Oh well time flies fast, it's back to dorm for me.. c ya guys around!

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